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The UK population spends billions of pounds on eating out every year, proving that the food industry offers great opportunities for growth. Standing out in this often crowded marketplace can be hard, leading to many brands turning to food influencers for a helping hand.

Whether they are promoting healthy eating, delicious homemade recipes or tasty treats, food and drink bloggers have become an online phenomenon. Through posting on their YouTube channels and Instagram feeds, they can share their passion and expertise with audiences from around the world.


From the likes of Jamie Oliver to Joe Wicks, there are hundreds of excellent food and drink influencers that are now working with brands to create content that appeals to a specific target market.

Posting tips on how to meal prep, the best plant based recipes, how to budget the weekly shop or sharing the latest episode of their cooking show, these influencers provide huge opportunities for increasing brand awareness and promoting your products.

Our network of influencers have helped a number of brands develop their businesses successfully through the use of social media and influencer marketing. Brand partnerships and collaborations can include sponsored posts, recipe creations, recipe tutorials, product and restaurant reviews and even public appearances.

Here at Influencer Matchmaker we specialise in helping brands find their perfect match. We know that there's an influencer out there for everyone. So, whether you're focus is on healthy eating, vegan foods or cocktail making, we will create the perfect partnership for you.

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