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Daisy Ridley rose to fame with her breakthrough role in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The talented actress started out in shows such as Casualty and Silent Witness and was cast as the lead role of Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy at the beginning of her career, earning her great success – and her career has continued to thrive.

She’s starred in two more Star Wars films, Murder On The Orient Express, as well as voice acting in the Peter Rabbit film. Her acting range is clear to see, with such positive success at such a young age.

Daisy has also entertained us in the SU2C special of The Great British Bake Off, creating her infamous toilet cake. Not only did she demonstrate her creativity with her fun cake designs, but she also showed that she’s a capable baker - another talent up her sleeve, making her a popular food and drink influencer.

When she isn’t busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Daisy keeps her fans up to date by posting on her Instagram, sharing red carpet looks, behind the scenes pics, and photoshoot snaps. Her bubbly personality is clear to see, and she is always keeping people entertained with her engaging and innovative content.

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