Fashion Influencers

Evolving from the early days of blogging, fashion influencers are well and truly making their mark on the fashion industry.

From sharing a new look or promoting a collection, top fashion influencers are helping to set trends and turn social media into a profitable platform for many leading fashion brands. By posting their videos and images online, they are inspiring millions and advertising to a global audience.


As a highly-visual industry, the fashion world is the ideal environment for collaborating on an influencer marketing campaign. Whether they are embracing the high-street or high-end luxury designs, they create the unique and authentic content that sends users directly to your store. These collaborations will raise brand awareness and grow your business beyond four walls.

At Influencer Matchmaker, we specialise in matching brands with the perfect influencer. Using our exclusive network of fashion bloggers and vloggers, we can help you to form a successful partnership, whether it be a one-off campaign or a long-term partnership.

We focus on finding the perfect person to represent your brand and create a bespoke campaign that engages your target audience.

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