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Amelia Liana

About Amelia Liana...

Finding her place at the top of the lifestyle and beauty tree, Amelia Liana has become one of the biggest beauty influencers around. Owing to her loyal support, Amelia has been able to work brands seamlessly into her YouTube videos, often offering exclusive deals to her viewers.

Unboxing videos, shopping trips, makeup tutorials, beauty tips and travel vlogs make up the bulk of her varied content creation on her YouTube channel, where her natural style and charisma have seen her charm her audience. She has also collaborated on videos with other fellow online creators such as Estee Lalonde.

With a bubbly personality and a passion for what she does, Amelia has inspired women to follow her fashion tips and advice. 

While her YouTube channel is packed with beauty tips and lifestyle vlogs, her Instagram account is luxury fashion-focused and has seen her travel to some of the most glamourous locations in Europe. Packed full of images featuring the lavender and sunflower fields of Provence to the citrus trees of the Amalfi Coast; the canals of Venice to balconies of Paris - Amelia's Instagram images are nothing short of stunning.

With a feed filled with outfit photos, gorgeous selfies and innovative videos, Amelia is a force to be reckoned with.

And more recently, Amelia has launched her very own jewellery brand, RAEMI, inspired by ancient beliefs in destiny, strength and protection. 

superb brand influencer with a global following and a unique style, Amelia has proven to be one of the most dynamic choices for influencer marketing campaigns and brand endorsements.

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