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About us

We are not your typical matchmakers, we don’t help individuals find that one great love. We’re a full-service, award-wining talent management and influencer marketing agency committed to forming long-lasting relationships between a brand and their target audience using influencers and celebrities to help achieve this.

Tapping into our extensive UK and global network of 2,000+ influencers and celebrities, we source the ultimate talent for brands – one that not only has a genuine passion for a product or service, but one that can put a brand in front of an extremely receptive target audience. We’re not new to the matchmaking game either.

We have been successfully forming relationships between brands and high-profile talent for a combined experience of 20 years. In that time, we have handled campaigns for hundreds of brands, such as, Disney, Hotels.com, Aldi, McDonald’s, Boots and Amazon.

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Why choose us?

Our expert team have the skills and knowledge to manage all aspects of an influencer marketing campaign.

With our in-house team of creatives, strategists, videographers, digital marketing experts and project managers, we can take care of it all.

Unlike other agencies, we offer an extremely personal service, ensuring the ultimate influencer marketing, or social media campaign is created. We work with brands and influencers from the very start and continue our relationship after the campaign has gone live by providing a dedicated aftercare service.

As well as our matchmaking service, we also offer influencer and celebrity management. Whether you’re a celebrity, macro or micro-influencer, we have the expertise needed to build your personal brand and shape a long and successful career.

Providing a wide range of talent management services, we can help with everything from profile building, PR and media support, endorsements, collaborations, events and public appearances.

Partnering Brands and Influencers Across The World

During our time, we have delivered campaigns for hundreds of brands on a national and international scale. Working with the likes of Sainsbury’s, Boohoo.com, Sony, Cadbury’s, McDonalds, Boots, Amazon and Cartoon Network, we have launched a wide variety of exciting projects. Our matchmaking skills have even received industry recognition and our influencers have been featured in publications such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Mail Online, PR Week, Net Doctor, The Independent and Marketing Week.com.

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