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Cleaning influencers produce engaging content showcasing cleaning routines, product reviews and organisational hacks - the perfect watch for people seeking a tidier, more organised life or satisfaction from watching transformational cleanses! An industry that contributes £55.5 billion to the UK economy, cleaning influencers are quickly becoming a staple in mainstream media. If you are looking for an influencer to make housekeeping feel less daunting, trust Influencer Matchmaker to pair you with the perfect cleaning influencer today!

How Can I Hire a Cleaning Influencer?

To hire a cleaning influencer via Influencer Matchmaker, browse our curated list of influencers and get in touch! We are fortunate to work with the cleaning industry's most prominent influencers, and we guarantee that we have the perfect influencer to match your cleaning campaigns. To hire an influencer, contact one of our dedicated Matchmakers by calling 0203 9580 427. Alternatively, complete our online contact form to begin the booking process.

How Much Does a Cleaning Influencer Cost?

The cost of hiring a cleaning influencer varies based on many factors. From follower count and platform to campaign complexity, the best way to determine the cost of an influencer is to discuss your options with one of our dedicated Matchmakers! Contact a Matchmaker today to discuss all negotiables - from which platform is the right fit for your campaign to how much the perfect influencer will cost.

Who are the Best Cleaning Influencers to Hire?

If you require guidance on who the best cleaning influencers are, browse our selection of the Official Top 10 Cleaning Influencers, who will undoubtedly make your next campaign shine!

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