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About Nancy Birtwhistle...

Nancy Birtwhistle is a phenomenon in the realms of baking and cleaning. Born and raised in Hull, her earliest memories of baking and cooking are with her grandmother, who became the cornerstone of Nancy's love for food. Her grandmother, a true home cook, never relied on recipes and even introduced young Nancy to the art of making a custard tart - wisdom that helped Nancy to become the winner of The Great British Bake Off in 2014.

Nancy's passion for baking and cooking has remained unquenched throughout her life. Upon retiring, Nancy reignited her love for the culinary arts. Embracing the farm-to-table ethos, Nancy grew her own vegetables and fruits and raised poultry in her sprawling garden. This gave her a distinct advantage – fresh ingredients at her disposal, which she diligently incorporated into her baking and cooking. Eventually, Nancy earned her spot in the iconic ‘The Tent’ for Series 5 of the Great British Bake Off, triumphing over 16,000 other applicants. Winning the show was transformative, catapulting her to the centre stage of the baking world. Whether demonstrating at large food shows or teaching intimate groups, Nancy's versatility and adaptability shine through.

She’s penned over 500 recipes but acknowledges the nuances of the culinary world, emphasising tips, tricks and the art of troubleshooting. This led to her successful social media project, 'Kitchen Rescue', where she shared daily insights for a year. Her approach to food is refreshing, as she champions a no-nonsense method, emphasising affordability and realism. Her experience running a home for over half a century has solidified her stance against wastefulness, urging society to move away from the prevailing "throw-away" culture. As an author, she’s penned books like "The Green Gardening Handbook", "Clean & Green", "Sizzle & Drizzle" and "Green Living Made Easy", all of which underline her sustainable approach to living and her passion for baking.

But what truly sets Nancy apart is her genuine love for interaction. Social media, once a novelty, is now her platform to engage with a global audience, sharing recipes, solving problems and embracing her role as the ‘Kitchen Agony Aunt’. Nancy's journey is a testament to the idea that it’s never too late to follow one’s passion, making her an enduring inspiration to many as both a baking and cleaning influencer.

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