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About Michael Chakraverty...

Michael Chakraverty is a Scottish writer, baker, podcast host and social media sensation. Most known for his excellent baking skills, Michael appeared on the tenth season of The Great British Bake Off, where he finished sixth. Although he wasn’t crowned the winner, Michael has still had a successful career.

Before his fame, Michael attended university to study English Literature. After graduating, Michael became the house manager at the Royal Shakespeare Company before plucking up the courage to apply to put the apron on and showcase his skills. 

Since his stint in the famous white tent, Michael has been very busy. Becoming a writer for several publications such as the I Newspaper, The Guardian and Catapult, as well as becoming a regular columnist for the Metro UK and a live blogger for The Guardian. 

The world of podcasts is also an area that Michael has explored, co-hosting his own called The Menkind Podcast. The show sees him and his counterpart Mark Watson explore the concept of masculinity alongside other celebrity guests. 

Michael is a proud member of the LGBT community and often attends pride marches as well as posting his solidarity to the movement.

Achieving the star baker award on the show, Michael’s charming and adorable personality made him a big favourite with the fans and in turn has allowed him to amass an incredibly large and loyal following, making him a great influencer to present your brand in its best light. 

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