Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Influencer Matchmaker, renowned for our dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR), have significantly impacted charitable efforts across the United Kingdom. With a strong commitment to giving back, we, alongside our sister companies, have raised over £2.8 million. This substantial contribution benefits a diverse range of charities, reflecting our deep-rooted belief in the importance of CSR in our daily business operations.

Over recent years, Influencer Matchmaker has made a significant impact by supporting Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, a children's hospice in the East Midlands. Rainbows offer essential care to children and young people with life-threatening conditions. This hospice, with limited government funding, relies heavily on donations and patron support.

Influencer Matchmaker's involvement, alongside our sister companies, with Rainbows has been remarkable, raising over £2 million for the charity. The annual Rainbows Charity Ball, a major event in the charity calendar, showcases the synergy between Influencer Matchmaker and Rainbows. This glamorous event, attended by celebrities, features silent auctions and live entertainment, with proceeds directly benefiting Rainbows' vital services.

Beyond Rainbows, Influencer Matchmaker's philanthropic reach extends to other organisations, having raised more than £1.2 million. Our support has benefitted Brainwave, Cure Leukaemia, The Lord’s Taverners, Giving Africa, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and the PCA Benevolent Fund. Our community involvement also includes donations to local schools like Costock Primary School and providing apprenticeships and work experience to youth.

Influencer Matchmaker’s commitment to these causes demonstrates a deep understanding of the power of influence and networking, turning it into a force for good, impacting the lives of many, particularly those in dire need of support and care.

Charity Events

Influencer Matchmaker has been actively involved in organising and participating in various charity events, leveraging its network of top influencers and celebrities to support worthy causes. One notable event was The Authors XI vs. The Lord’s Taverners XI, a cricket match featuring Ashes winner Matthew Hoggard, which raised funds for The Lord’s Taverners, a sports charity. This event showcased how influential figures can use their prominence for charitable endeavours. Additionally, Influencer Matchmaker has hosted events like charity auctions and Tour-level golf tournaments. Even at our headquarters, we organise a sports day annually, further demonstrating our commitment to supporting worthy causes.