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In today's world, gaming is no longer something that you just participate in. The number of people playing games online is huge, but the number of people watching online games and live streams is even bigger.

From masters of Minecraft to experts in Call of Duty, there are hundreds of YouTube gamers who are changing the gaming industry. With millions of subscribers on YouTube, the top gaming influencers entertain their fans with an array of gaming content. From tutorials, competitive gaming, giveaways, live gameplays and game reviews, these influencers are helping brands break into a competitive market and enhance their online presence. YouTube and Twitch provide an ideal platform for influencers to promote and play games in front of a global audience, achieving incredible results.

Much more affordable than traditional advertising methods, gaming and esport influencers have fast become an essential part of many digital marketing strategies.

With the ability to attract an abundance of different audiences, influencers offer enormous amounts of brand exposure and are often the secret to online success. At Influencer Matchmaker, we work with some of the most exciting influencers, celebrities and talent in the industry.

We take the time to understand your business goals and find the ideal influencer for both your brief and budget. With our support, you can create long-term partnerships with gaming influencers and make your business thrive. Taking your campaign from concept to completion, we offer a range of collaboration opportunities including game reviews and tutorials, sponsored content, guest appearances and product endorsement services. Forming a long-term partnership with a gaming influencer might be what makes your business thrive.

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