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About EthanGamer...

Now 12 years old, Ethan has built up widespread support on his YouTube channel, with viewers enjoying his positive, cheery commentary on his gaming exploits. Supplying tips and tricks to users, Ethan engages viewers with his live in-play style.

Helping viewers to succeed in various challenges as he gets to grips with the ins and outs of popular computer games such as Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft and various iPad games, Ethan outlines game objectives and helps users discover new aspects of the games he plays.

His series of videos has seen him rack up a huge number of views and subscribers. Posting material across the board, Ethan expresses that his channel is: 'not about being the best at gaming, it's about playing games and having fun'. These themes make him perfect for social media influencer marketing campaigns.

EthanGamer interacts with his audience in a variety of different ways, regularly responding to viewers' comments and posting content for his fans on a host of platforms. This level of interaction makes him one of the most engaging YouTube influencers around.

His lively and unwavering spirit has seen him acknowledged as one of the stars of YouTube's gaming scene. His clean humour, jokes and celebrations of his achievements on games have made him one of the online golden boys. With this in mind, it's no surprise that Ethan has embarked on a meteoric rise through the influencer ranks.

Recently, Ethan has merged his second channel, Ethan, with EthanGamer to offer merchandise, sponsored material and unboxing videos to his legions of fans. This articulate youngster is considered kind and friendly, and his channel is very much a reflection of his genuine personality.

To celebrate 2 million subscribers earlier this year, Ethan took four of his friends for pizza and go-karting in a limousine, showing that like all teenage kids, likes to have fun with his friends. His parents take care of the admin behind the channel so that Ethan can get on with what Ethan does best.

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