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About MrBeast...

Jimmy Donaldson, also known online as MrBeast, is an American YouTube sensation.

Since beginning his YouTube channel in 2012 at the young age of 13, MrBeast has gone from strength to strength and his online popularity has continued to soar.

His content typically consisted of classic ‘Let’s Play’ style videos before venturing into more extravagant and engaging content. Now, Jimmy regularly uploads videos to his YouTube channel that are stunt-driven and often donates thousands of dollars to a number of charities. He also gives away money and free items to friends, family and people within his local area.

Recent videos have consisted of fundraisers to help fund the planting of 20,000,000 trees, which MrBeast helped to plant along with his friends. Other stunts have included surviving on a desert island for 24 hours and opening the world’s first store where everything is free.

Some of his videos have amassed over 47 million views and it doesn’t seem to be stopping there! With such an impressive reach and mass following, there’s little wonder that Jimmy is one of the most sought after influencers of our generation!

MrBeast is a regular user of Instagram and often documents the behind the scenes of his infamous YouTube videos as well as sharing what he gets up to with his friends and girlfriend in his spare time.

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