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About Tobi Brown...

Tobi, or as he is known online, TBJZL, is a YouTube personality and a member of the popular British YouTube group The Sidemen. 

After joining YouTube in 2011, Tobi has become a recognised FIFA gamer and regular streams on platforms such as Twitch. When he isn’t busy filming and uploading gaming videos, Tobi can be found taking part in viral challenges and pranks with friends and fellow online creators. 

Taking to Instagram as a huge football fan and player, Tobi shares images from his time on the pitch, as well as fun snaps alongside his friends. 

Since joining YouTube, Tobi became an original member of The Sidemen, joining KSIMiniminterW2S and others. The group is recognised for playing video games together and even created a commercial brand from their name, making them the biggest YouTube group in Europe. They also created a Sidemen House, in which many of the creators live together. 

More recently, Tobi created a clothing line, ILLVZN. The brand consists of street-style clothing products and pursues his interest in fashion by sharing some of his favourite outfits on Instagram. 

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