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About KSI...

KSI is a British YouTube star who has garnered a global following with his gaming videos and online boxing matches. Since starting his YouTube channel in 2008, he has dominated the YouTube scene with the limelight on his hilarious videos and winning personality.

Born Olajide William Olatunji, KSI rose to fame after publishing videos of him playing popular game titles like FIFA and Call of Duty. In 2013 he broke a Guinness World Record for scoring goals against the computer in FIFA with a tally of 190. This smashed the previous record 110 and saw KSI become a major player in the online FIFA community. As a huge figure within the online gaming world, his channel now has a legion of fans reaching in the millions. Now, children and teenagers around the world are dedicated to watching his training videos, vlogs and Q&As.

Continuing to pursue his passion for gaming and YouTube, KSI teamed up with Miniminter, wroetoshaw, Behzinga, Zerkaa, TBJZL and Vikkstar123 to form a YouTube group called the Sidemen.

The group record and upload gameplay footage of GTA and other games with the hilarious results garnering millions of views. Now with over 3.6 million followers, The Sidemen have grown into a channel filled with challenges, adventures and collaborations with famous faces like Steve-O from MTV’s Jackass.

More recently, KSI kick-started a new trend of YouTube boxing matches, choosing to fight some of the platforms other top personalities in front of millions of fans both online and offline. He has managed to dramatically boost his online following and soon became a professional boxer, making him well-known within the sports and health and fitness industries. 

KSI has recently embarked upon a new venture within the music and entertainment industry and has released a string of successful singles, many of which have made it into the UK Single Chart.

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