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About JMX...

JMX, real name Joel Morris, is a popular British YouTuber who specialises in gaming content for his thousands of YouTube subscribers. Also branching out into vlogging, pranks and comedic content, JMX covers a wide range of topics on his channel.

Gaining popularity due to his FIFA videos, Joel quickly racked up millions of followers across his various social media channels. Now, Joel has two YouTube channels. His main, self-titled account that mostly features his FIFA content and his second channel, titled JMX Plays, where he posts GTA Funny Moments, Mods, races, and other highly requested video games.

Appealing to a popular genre on YouTube, Joel’s FIFA content helped his channel to grow from strength to strength. For example, his video "FIFA 15 - OMG 99 TOTY Ronaldo in a Pack - Best FIFA 15 TOTY Pack Opening in History" generated more than 2.25 million views in less than 3 months. Now that’s impressive.

His daring, outrageous and sometimes tongue-in-cheek prank videos are some of his strongest performing videos to date. If you’re looking to collaborate with a YouTuber with a sense of humour, Joel is perfect!

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