Our Values 💕

Here at Influencer Matchmaker, our company values are at the heart of everything we do. These values, rooted in family principles, shape our interactions with clients and foster a supportive workplace atmosphere.

Honesty & Integrity

At Influencer Matchmaker, we are committed to integrity as a guiding principle. We ensure transparency and clarity from the outset, helping you understand the potential benefits for your business. Steering clear of overpromising, misunderstandings, or quick fixes, our focus is on building lasting relationships and aligning with your core values.

‘Can Do’ Attitude

We embrace every challenge, regardless of its size. Our passion lies in delivering memorable results for our clients. This involves selecting influencers who will represent and champion your brand in the most effective way possible.

Going The Extra Mile

Our talented team of Matchmakers are dedicated to surpassing expectations and achieving outstanding outcomes. By investing our energy, time, and expertise into our clients, we strive to create lasting partnerships. Our quick and efficient response has fostered a culture of enthusiasm in all our endeavours, highlighting our commitment to excellence.

Skills & Enterprise

At Influencer Matchmaker, we continuously evolve to maintain our leading edge in the industry, adapting to key areas important to our clients and ensuring a diverse range of talent for all client needs. Our team diligently keeps pace with industry trends, regularly refreshing our roster of influencers to meet your requirements effectively. In a world where trust is invaluable, we respond swiftly, tailoring our services to align with your business objectives, guaranteeing that our speakers not only represent your brand but also embody your core values. Whether your goal is to boost social media engagement, build a strong online network, or increase sales online, our Matchmakers are ready to offer guidance, making the process of hiring an influencer both quick and easy.


In the social media industry, reputation is everything. With many years of experience matching brands with the world’s top influencers and celebrities, we have established a reliable and respected presence amongst a range of top-tier clients. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and strategic collaborations has positioned us as a trusted partner in the dynamic world of social media influencing.