At Influencer Matchmaker, our commitment lies in finding the ideal influencer to elevate your campaign. We understand the unique needs of our clientele, allowing us to focus on providing customised influencer selections that align seamlessly with the specific requirements of your campaign.

A Free Bottle of Corney & Barrow with Every Collaboration

Here at Influencer Matchmaker, we value our clients and express gratitude with a unique reward scheme. Every time a client books an influencer for their campaign through us, they receive a bottle of premium Corney & Barrow Champagne. This gesture of appreciation is extended for every booking, ensuring clients are celebrated with a luxurious treat for each collaboration they initiate with our influencers.

*Minimum £1,500.00 + VAT booking.

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‘Recommend a Friend’ Scheme

Our 'Recommend a Friend' scheme is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce your friends, family, or colleagues to our diverse and impressive collection of influencers, while also receiving a delightful reward for yourself. Each time someone you refer successfully works with one of our influencers through your recommendation, you'll be gifted a bottle of Corney & Barrow. The more friends you refer who confirm a booking, the more bottles you'll receive—it's that straightforward. This is just one of the many ways we express our gratitude for your trust in selecting the perfect influencer for your campaign from our extensive range at Influencer Matchmaker.

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