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About Ethan Payne - Behzinga...

Ethan Payne, or as he is more commonly known, Behzinga is a British gamer and fitness Youtuber. He is best known for sharing FIFA gameplays, fun challenges and vlog-style videos. 

His main channel has amassed an impressive 500 million views, but more recently, his inspirational weight loss journey has propelled him to becoming a fitness influencer, working with brands such as Gymshark, and becoming an athlete for the brand.

Ethan created his YouTube channel in 2012, with his genuine personality and contagious laugh attracting many viewers, providing him with a platform to collaborate with other YouTubers. Shortly after making his channel, Ethan found himself enjoying success creating videos alongside Zerkaa, Miniminter, KSI and TBJZL, and together, the group started the Sidemen. 

The Sidemen has become one of the most well-known groups across the whole of social media, with over 18.5 million subscribers across its channels. With the addition of Vikkstar123 and Wroetoshaw, the Sidemen group was complete and continues to be at the forefront of the British YouTube scene. 

Now, Ethan is recognised for his fitness and lifestyle videos on his main channel, regularly documenting his weight loss journey. Also taking to Instagram, Ethan keeps fans up to date with active and busy lifestyle, sharing fun snaps alongside friends and family as well posting photos from his travels around the world. 

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