Fitness & Health Influencers

Health and fitness remains a hot topic on everybody's lips. Wanting to know the secrets to leading a healthy lifestyle, people are now straying away from real-life personal trainers and are turning their attention to health and fitness influencers online.

Whether it's weight loss, clean eating or bodybuilding, top fitness influencers are a great combination of expertise and inspiration. The fitness industry covers an array of topics, but whatever the fitness goal, there are hundreds of health and fitness influencers who will be sure to inspire and motivate audiences from around the world.

As brands continue to advocate body positivity and healthy eating, influencers are providing an effective way of amplifying that message. By working with the likes of Kayla Itsines, Emily Skye and various other fitness models and influencers, brands are sending out positive messages whilst still promoting their products and services.

Working with some of the most influential social media stars, here at Influencer Matchmaker we specialise in forming successful partnerships between brands and influencers. Using our expertise, we create bespoke influencer marketing campaigns that result in authentic content. With access to a global audience across multiple platforms, there are numerous ways in which brands can work with health and fitness influencers, from posting promoted and sponsored content, sharing the latest product launch, or reviewing the newest gym wear.

Whether you're specialising in food and nutrition, sustainable gym clothes or simply looking to promote a new workout program, we can find the ideal influencer to fit your brand.

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51% of brands say influencer content outperforms brand-created content