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About Carly Rowena...

Fitness influencer Carly Rowena has been supporting people from all over the world with their fitness routines and lifestyle choices. Promoting themes of independence and healthy living, Carly has established a large and loyal following.

Thanks to her useful content, displayed in a creative and inspirational manner, Carly's blogs and vlogs have seen her become one of the country's leading fitness influencers.

Due to her incredible positivity and outlook on life, Carly is an ideal source of motivation for her followers, which has in part earned her the success she has today. The other factor is the creativity she relies on to create her content. Carly is not afraid to speak her mind and it is her sense of identity that viewers find most compelling. This makes for some intriguing content.

Both her vlog and blog make people feel good, with titles such as "We're Not Perfect But That's OK", "Join The Self Love Club" and "Why I Choose Happiness Over Success" proving popular with her audiences. She also shares more intimate details of her life, such as her pregnancy where she offers tips on how to exercise during pregnancy.

Concentrating on helping her fanbase live in a healthier way- in terms of what they eat, how they exercise and how they find happiness - the personal trainer is an interactive presence across all social media platforms. Her influence comes from her authority on the topics she speaks on.

Having trained and worked for many years as a personal trainer, Carly has been able to provide useful training tricks and tips and advice on nutrition, exercise and stress. This is hugely popular with her viewers and shows her commitment to providing quality content.

Outside of her work as a personal trainer in an online capacity, Carly also teaches classes at her retreats as well as working with brands across the world.

Her positivity and influence make her a perfect social media influencer, ideal for boosting your influencer marketing campaigns, endorsements and product launches. To find out more about working with the likes of Carly, contact Influencer Matchmaker by email at or call us on 0203 9580 427.

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