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About Ruby Rube...

Ruby Rube is a British YouTuber and kid influencer with a huge following and an entertaining channel. Her hilarious pranks and challenges have seen her win millions of fans and now she is set to become one of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Born in the UK, Ruby joined YouTube at the end of 2015 and began posting vlogs, gameplay videos and challenges. Her initial following was small until she recorded her first skit, I Mailed Myself to Santa Claus. Ruby’s video was an overnight success and she had soon racked up 10 million views. She followed this up with more mailing skits and became a sensation among YouTube’s younger audiences.

As her popularity continued to grow, Ruby decided to create new content that included Facetime calls to celebrities such a Ariana Grande, pranks and toy reviews. She also started to share Never Have I Ever videos and reaction videos to her fans’ posts. She followed this up with her hugely successful 3AM challenges. These funny and occasionally scary videos see Ruby contact characters from games she’s played in and other supernatural beasts.

More recently, Ruby also added online gaming to her skill set with Ruby Games covering her playthroughs of several titles. Her favourite titles include the Sims 4, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Roblox, and the Granny game. Her gaming videos have consistently proven to be an entertaining watch, helping her to build significant popularity with gaming enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes.

Having established herself as one of the most successful young stars in the digital landscape, Ruby's eclectic mix of content has continued to be a hit with her dedicated following. Establishing an authentic connection with viewers all over the world, her massive fanbase has continued to grow at a rapid pace. For this reason, she is a valuable partner for brands looking to embark on influencer marketing campaigns aimed at her target audience.

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