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About The London Foodie...

The London Foodie is a popular food blog run by Italian-Japanese-Brazilian chef Luiz Hara, who turned his love for food into a professional pursuit. The blog features an array of posts including all things food, drinks, multicultural cuisines and recipes as well as restaurant, bar and hotel reviews. Having made London his home for several decades, the passionate foodie has established the city as his hub for finding cute and quirky spots to eat, fancy fine dining, wine tasting and more.

Before commencing his journey as a foodie, Luiz settled into a career in investment banking. It wasn’t long until his enthusiasm for cookery overshadowed his work and he soon left his job to satisfy his appetite for becoming a professional chef and full-time foodie. Leaving the city of London to complete a Japanese cuisine training course in Tokyo, he shortly returned to enrol at Le Cordon Bleu, graduating with a Grande Diploma. Wishing to maximise his expertise, Luiz also acquired an Advanced Certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Undoubtedly, his intrinsic insight for culinary arts combined with his scholarly dedication has lead him on to becoming one of the most successful full-time food bloggers and social media figures.

Whilst Luiz’s main passion is fine cuisine, The London Foodie blog also documents his travels across the globe. Combining his love for food and travel, Luiz is a freelance writer and traveller, engaging in travel writing when embarking on his exotic excursions abroad. This change in his career has enabled the influencer to focus more on travel blogging, incorporating his experiences abroad into his content.

Alongside his online work, Luiz caters for private and corporate events at his home or in various locations; he frequently hosts the Japanese Supper Club from his home in Islington. Having worked with major food brands such as Bordeaux Wines, Tilda Basmati and Discovery Foods, he becomes an advocate for various businesses when endorsing their brand and promoting their products through his supper club events to journalists and bloggers. His influence has reached many, and as a result the popular online influencer has been mentioned in a number of renowned media outlets such as The Daily Mail and The Independent. Moreover, he has been featured among The Influencer 1-: Dining Blogs Men Should Follow by Ask Men UK amongst many other commercial achievements.

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