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Richard started his food journey as an ice-cream maker, inspired by the lifestyle in his adopted city of San Francisco.

On returning to London, Richard launched Blu Top, his first ice cream business, selling his home-made recipes from his tiny blue van in marketplaces across the country.

After meeting friends from vegan food businesses, Richard was convinced by the ethics associated with vegan ice cream, and made the switch to becoming a fully vegan supplier.

Then came a dramatic lifestyle change, and one that truly sent Richard on the path to become a food and drink influencer.

Moving to the south coast of England, Richard began to use the calm of new surroundings to create exciting vegan recipes, uploading his creations to Instagram.

When Richard's ‘super stretchy mozzarella’ recipe went viral, it drew attention to his take on culinary classics, all devised from Richard’s own recipe's. 

Creating desserts is one of Richard’s favourite ways to conjure new, interesting recipes, with chocolate cakes, cookies, and treats a staple of his Instagram feed.

Richards’s Instagram Reels give his super-quick take on easy to cook recipes, informing followers of how to create delicious recipes with affordable, simple ingredients.

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