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Jasmin White is a popular lifestyle, travel and food influencer as well as author of the blog These Country Roads. This ex-graphic designer and marketer, turned full-time blogger, delivers exciting recipes and reviews on a variety of foods, travel tips as well as fashion and lifestyle blog posts.

Having suffered from an eating disorder, Jasmin initially launched this blog as a outlet for mental illness recovery. As a result, her blog is place where she is open and honest about her personal life and regards her past experiences as motivations in discovering her passions and pursuing them online. Covering such a difficult topic with an open approach, Jasmin’s blog has received wide recognition online and now These Country Roads resonates with thousands of followers on platforms such as Instagram. Turning her recreational escapism into a full-time career pursuit, she quit her 9-5 job in 2018 and decided to dedicate her time to creating content that reaches out to fellow food, travel, lifestyle and fashion enthusiasts.

Jasmin believes in ‘being able to create without compromise’. She takes this philosophy with her throughout her collaborations with different brands and businesses that feature on the blogger’s posts and across her social media channels. She values the products of each brand she works with, eagerly ‘staying in line with a brand’s brief’ whilst maintaining ‘an aesthetic [she has] carefully cultivated throughout the years.’ Due her approach, she has collaborated with the likes of Colgate, Caudalie and Nastygal on a series of sponsored content and promotional product reviews and blog posts.

Her unique aesthetic is not only present in These Country Roads, but also across her Instagram page as she uses the channel to upload her photography work. Using warm colours and cosy autumn-like landscapes throughout her work, she captures an interesting style as she documents her trips to coffee shops, bakeries, countrysides and alleyways, whilst colour co-ordinating the scenery with chic, nude-coloured outfits. Her blog focuses on fashion as well as food and lifestyle, as she regularly posts fashion tips and outfit ideas across her digital channels. On top of this, Jasmin shares her love for travelling through travel guide blog posts as well as food and restaurant reviews across England and Europe. Her food recipes focus mainly on healthy baking, whilst catering to a wide array of diets including vegan baking. Her wide range of interests make her an ideal influencer for brands from different industries to collaborate with as she willingly shares her insight on fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, photography and more.

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