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As a right-back, Lucy Bronze is one of this generation’s most popular female football players. Currently playing for the England team, Lucy made history as the Lionesses won the UEFA Women’s Euro’s 2022! 

Named The Best FIFA Women’s Player in December 2020, Lucy also became the first English footballer to win the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year – two incredible achievements, and just two reasons Lucy is an inspiration to young girls and women. 

Proving that sport, and football, are just as much for women as they are for men, Lucy uses her social media platforms to demonstrate that there are no longer any limitations for women in the world of sport. 

With her very own YouTube channel, Lucy documents the many aspects of her life, with a main focus on sport, football and health and fitness, of course. As well as this, Lucy uses her online platform to share football tricks and tips and as she is passionate about food and nutrition, she also showcases her culinary skills. 

As well as working with well-known brands, Lucy is keen to promote and raise awareness of important topics, such as sustainability. 

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