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About Ellie Hoad...

Ellie Hoad is a popular fitness icon who has gained a solid prominence in the world of digital media. With her dominant platform being Instagram, she has accumulated more than 162k followers through posting daily fitness routines, health tips and diet tricks, athletic fashion and lifestyle advice. Her fanbase continues to increase as she devotes her time into providing the most highly demanded fitness content as well as collaborating with globally renowned bands that sponsor her projects and social media posts.

Ellie’s journey into social media fame began when she decided to pursue her passions for fitness academically. With a strong educational background in osteopathy and human biology, Ellie graduated from Kent University and immediately took to social media to continue her endeavours within the field of fitness and health. With highly informative workout tutorials and daily fitness tips, her following began to see a gradual escalation, leading her to become one of the most prominent fitness influencers in social media.

Her success and dedicated social media following has attracted brands into wanting to collaborate with the fitness influencer. Being the ambassador for Bare Bells, she dedicatedly promotes their products across her social media platform and becomes a strong advocate for the brand as she incorporates their products into her daily lifestyle and fitness tips and encourages followers to become an active consumer of the brand. She also launched her own sportswear line with Alphalete, another brand whose name she eagerly disperses out to the public on her digital platforms.

Diverging from solely fitness and sports, Ellie has successfully become a food and diet influencer as she engages in creating nutritious recipes that facilitates muscle growth and building a strong, healthy physique. Whether it be a bowl full of veggies or a creamy chocolate cake, Ellie encourages a realistic diet plan for followers that allows for protein build but also provides different nutrients your body needs, endorsing a guilt-free balanced diet. A healthy representation of fitness, health and food is crucial as an influencer with an online presence like Ellie - and she is on the right path to success.

Ellie has engaged in further collaborations with internationally renowned brands such as Birdseye, VOOST, Colgate, Always, Holland and Barrett, Loungewear and many more. Whilst the majority of her collaborative work is through sponsored posts and brand endorsements, she also becomes a loyal supporter of brands such as MuscleFood with whom she establishes long-term partnerships and endorses dedicatedly.

Ellie’s interest in sports, fitness, food, health, lifestyle and sports fashion makes her an ideal, all-round influencer within the fitness industry who can endorse your brand or business to thousands of committed followers.

To book Ellie Hoad to work with your brand or to discover more about using social media influencers, simply contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk. Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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