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About Lucy Spraggan...

Lucy Spraggan rose to fame in 2012 when she auditioned for The X Factor. Although she left the competition early due to illness, Lucy has had a hugely successful career within the music and entertainment industry. 

Wowing the nation with her originality and impressive musicality, Lucy has released a number of albums and often topped the charts. 

Taking to Instagram, Lucy has documented her impressive weight loss journey and has shared her newfound love for all thing’s health and fitness. Keeping fans up to date with her progress, Lucy often shares images of her toned physique and regularly provides her followers with motivation and inspiration.

Continuing to pursue her love for fitness, Lucy is the owner of Fully Rewired Fitness, a workout and nutrition programme. 

Honest and authentic with her followers, Lucy has opened up about her struggles with mental health over the years and is keen to raise awareness on important topics such as addiction and anxiety. 

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