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Liv Townsend, or as she is better known online, Livinleggings, is a popular influencer within the lifestyle, and health and fitness industries.

A country girl living just outside of London with her beloved dog Benny, Liv is continuing to rise in popularity with fun, educational and innovative content.

Beginning her career in the medical field as a radiographer, Liv developed a passion for human anatomy, which has ultimately led her to where she is today.

Now a yoga teacher, Liv has combined her interests and not only became a yoga teacher, but a hugely popular social media influencer, too! Taking to Instagram, Liv shares her helpful tips and tricks, as well as ‘how to’ videos and live workout classes.

Meanwhile on YouTube, Liv shares more detailed workouts and yoga challenges. Also an entrepreneur, Liv runs her very own yoga business, consisting of a few services, including live classes, workshops and on-demand classes, to name but a few.

Liv is 500-hour qualified and regularly teaches people from all over the world. She loves to share her passion for yoga, lifting, handstands, flexibility and body movement in general with her followers to inspire them to love their bodies for all it can do, as opposed to simply what they look like.

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