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Shaun Stafford is a well-known health and fitness influencer. And with a background in sports and athletics, it is no wonder that he has seen such success. 

After discovering a passion for weights and lifting, Shaun entered the world of competitive fitness shows. Over the years, Shaun has become a British, European and Pro World Champion in Men’s Physique with the WBFF. 

Now the founder of City Athlete, a performance and fitness centre, Shaun has been able to train and coach hundreds of people. When he isn’t training clients, Shaun can be found running the business and creating content for his online communities.

A proud husband and father, Shaun often takes to Instagram to share sweet pictures with his family. Shaun regularly documents his days and shares delicious looking meals and recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Continuing to work on his passions of health and fitness, Shaun uses social media to share his journey as well as giving fans a glimpse into his routine and busy lifestyle. 

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