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Frankie Davey is a professional boxer from Ipswich, who has more recently been put into the spotlight for making his reality TV debut on ITV2’s favourite dating show, Love Island. Joining the 2023 winter cast over in South Africa, Frankie entered the famous villa joining during the infamous Casa Amor week.

Even though his stint in the drama-filled villa was short, only lasting a week before the two villas combined back together, Frankie made a great impression and in turn grew an incredible social media following.

Before appearing on the show, Frankie commented that he was usually laid back when it comes to girls, but entering Casa Amor meant he would have to change his approach and start grafting right from the get-go! He was excited to try something new and he definitely didn’t disappoint viewers!

Undefeated in the ring, Frankie has an impressive record consisting of four wins and one controversial draw from his first five fights, which had all gone to decision.

Being new to the world of social media, Frankie makes for a fresh health & fitness influencer who you can utilise in an upcoming campaign, delivering to a large and engaging following.

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