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About Cami Sophia...

Cami Sophia is the ‘Pilates Princess’ who has become an incredibly popular influencer with her TikTok and Instagram content.

Refreshingly positive, Cami shares accessible, beginner-friendly Pilates workouts for everyone. Her TikTok videos share just a few exercises in each video – which don’t overwhelm viewers with too much information. Cami has also released her own two-week Pilates, progressing into a successful fitness influencer.

Followers have fallen in love with Cami’s encouraging content, with kind, motivational captions that stay away from fitness shaming or bombarding viewers with pressure.

Cami also posts self-care tips, with relaxing routines and nutrition inspiration, always highlighting the importance of balance in your lifestyle.

With bright, radiant and aesthetic content, with matching fitness outfits and colourful set ups, Cami’s Instagram maintains this vibe, truly representing her own personal style of content and brand.

Since becoming so popular, Cami has had the opportunity to start her own podcast, ‘With Intention’. The show involves Cami discussing healthy habits, workouts, and mindfulness, amongst ‘girl talk’ and body positivity. Since altering her lifestyle to focus on balancing her physical and mental health, Cami has become a role model for her followers, as well as a source of positivity.

Cami’s content doesn’t stop there, as she also posts beauty content with makeup routines and hair care advice, showing her various themes and interests, gaining a wide and loyal following as a result.

Having blossomed into a popular health & fitness influencer, Cami has found her own niche and having worked successfully with renowned brands already, Cami would be a great influencer to work with for your next marketing campaign!

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