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Kat Farmer, who is also known by her social media handle, Does My Bum Look 40, is a fashion stylist, digital first talent and established author based in the UK.

Mainly known for her role in BBC One’s fashion styling show, You Are What You Wear, Kat is looked upon as an inspiration for people with a passion for fashion, always promoting the messages that people should dress for themselves, using both new and old pieces of clothing from their wardrobe.

Having amassed a combined following of hundreds of thousands of aspiring stylists across her Instagram and Facebook, Kat documents her career in the fashion industry, offering honest opinions on latest fashion trends, interior design, and beauty products.

As a well-established character in the world of fashion and having an authoritative voice, Kat’s fashion tips and wealth of knowledge has seen her feature in popular publications such as The Guardian and The Telegraph.

As well as this, Kat often collaborates with fashion brands, and one of her more recent partnerships, with Marks & Spencer, involved Kat creating a piece of content for Instagram’s feature IGTV. Being highly successful, the work accumulated the most views that the brand has ever received when posting content on the IGTV.

With an expansive portfolio, Kat is also a Sunday Times Bestselling author. With the release of her debut book, ‘Get Changed: Finding the New You Through Fashion’ back in April 2022, the piece has said to be the go to place for those looking to change up their style and learn how to dress for themselves.

More recently, Kat has launched her very own podcast, alongside her neighbour and friend Marianne Jones, called ‘Been There, Done That, Got The Podcast’. The pair uploading consistently, releasing a brand-new podcast every Thursday.

Having already collaborated with well established brands, which have proven to be very successful, Kat would be a great influencer to help boost your latest marketing campaign!

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