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About Steven Bartlett...

Steven Bartlett is a 31-year-old phenomenon. With a colossal following over a range of many social media accounts, Steven is widely considered as one of Europe’s most talented and accomplished young entrepreneurs and philosophical thinkers. 

At just 21 years old, whilst still studying at university, Steven built his business Social Chain, an award-winning and hugely innovative social media marketing agency, from the comfort of his own bedroom in Manchester. 

Steven Bartlett is a motivational business speaker, investor, author, content creator and podcast owner - who launched one of Europe’s biggest podcasts, “The Diary of a CEO”. The show consists of episodes where Steven invites some of the world’s most influential people onto the podcast to tell their personal stories of being a CEO and being in and amongst the world of business. 

At the age of just 27-years-old, Steven took his company, Social Chain, public and it is now believed to have a market valuation of over $600 million. He is also now a Sunday Times best seller with the release of his book “Happy Sexy Millionaire”. 

Steven likes to invest in companies he believes need the right funding. Huel, which is the UK’s fastest growing e-commerce company internationally, is a business that Steven has invested in and is now part of the board. Being an advocate for mental health, Steven has also invested in and taken a role as an advisor for Atai life sciences, a company working to cure mental health disorders.

In January 2022, Steven joined the entrepreneurial reality television show Dragon’s Den. This saw Steven set an impressive record of being the youngest Dragon to ever appear in the show’s famous history 

Steven is already extremely successful and undoubtedly going to grow more and more as he reaches his main focus, which is to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs and content creators from a BAME background. To further spread his message, Steven Bartlett is an official speaker for corporate events, sharing his experience as an entrepreneur and how he has succeeded in the world of business.

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