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About Simon Sinek...

Simon Sinek stands at the forefront of modern thought leadership, inspiring a shift in how companies and individuals approach their work with an unwavering focus on the transformative power of ‘Why’. As a motivational speaker, his capacity to provoke introspection and inspire corporate clients to adopt future-proof strategies has positioned him among the elite in his field, evidenced by his consistent ranking in the Thinkers50 and his accolade from Global Gurus as the best motivational speaker in the world in 2021.

His influence extends beyond his speaking engagements; his 2010 TED talk, ‘Why Great Leaders Inspire Action,’ is the second most-watched of all time, underlining his status as a speaker who delivers content that is not only original but also catalyses change. Simon’s return to the TED stage with thought-provoking presentations, including ‘Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe’, reinforces his prowess in discussing leadership and motivation. His diverse topics allow him to command audiences from various sectors, including the UN Global Compact Conference and various branches of the US government and military.

Simon's literary contributions further bolster his reputation. His book, ‘Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t,’ achieved best-seller status and echoes the success of his subsequent publications. His expertise is not confined to the written word; the collaboration with Ernst & Young on ‘The Why Effect’ program and his podcast, ‘A Bit of Optimism’, underscore his dedication to spreading visionary insights across multiple platforms.

What makes Simon Sinek a paragon in the sphere of business and personal development is not just his ability to conceptualise leadership but his tangible impact on people's lives and organisations' cultures. As an ethnographer by training, his unique perspective on human behaviour and organisational structure translates into actionable guidance that resonates globally. Those seeking to navigate the complexities of modern business and personal fulfilment find in Simon a guide who not only envisages a path to success but walks alongside them, illuminating the journey ahead. Booking Simon Sinek as a business influencer means inviting a transformative experience that will redefine an organisation's pursuit of success and an individual's pursuit of purpose.

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