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About Timothy Armoo...

Timothy Armoo stands as a commanding figure in the realm of business influencing, steering the vast and dynamic social influencer market with the precision of a seasoned entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO of Fanbytes, he has carved out a niche as the chief executive of the world's most expansive marketing agency for influencers, showcasing a remarkable trajectory of business acumen and innovative leadership.

With the instincts of a natural-born entrepreneur, Timothy's business journey commenced at the tender age of 14, spurred by the simple catalyst of a wager. This early foray into the business world led to the creation of Alpha Tutoring, which he nurtured into a flourishing enterprise boasting a roster of 65 tutors. Demonstrating an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit, he took the reins of EntrepreneurExpress at 17, further cutting his teeth in advertising and interviewing luminaries such as Alan Sugar and Richard Branson.

Timothy's venture into the business development sector with Bar Pass Limited and the Venture Academy at McKinsey & Company further honed his skills, setting the stage for his next groundbreaking endeavour. While pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Warwick University, he laid the foundation for Fanbytes, which has since swelled into the premier influencer marketing company on the global stage. Under his guidance, Fanbytes has spearheaded pathbreaking campaigns for a roster of illustrious clients, including industry giants like Boohoo, Deliveroo, McDonald's, and even the UK Government.

The impact of his work has resonated throughout the marketing world, earning him a spot on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list and the title of Huffington Post Entrepreneur of the Year. Further cementing his commitment to diversity and inclusion, Timothy launched the Fanbytes Fund, empowering black-owned businesses through strategic influencer campaigns.

An eloquent speaker, Timothy disseminates his profound insights on Gen Z marketing and digital innovation to captivate audiences at major platforms like the BBC, Business Insider, and TEDx. His acumen in digital disruption and social media, complemented by his practical experiences with start-ups, makes him an invaluable asset at speaking events. Dubbed by Forbes Magazine as a millennial redefining brand engagement with his generation and named the Most Influential Person in Marketing and Advertising by the Evening Standard, Timothy Armoo's influence is not only recognised but also sought after by companies striving to resonate with the upcoming generations.

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