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About Martin Lewis...

Martin Lewis CBE, known as the Money Saving Expert, is a distinguished figure in the UK as a business influencer and consumer champion. Founding in 2003, Martin has established the UK's largest consumer help site, attracting over 8 million subscribers to his weekly email. His role as Executive Chair involves overseeing site content, reflecting his commitment to providing valuable financial advice and support to the public.

His journey into the public eye escalated with the launch of his prime-time ITV series, ‘The Martin Lewis Money Show’ in 2012. Now in its 12th series, the show has become the UK's most-watched current affairs program, a testament to Martin’s ability to engage and educate a wide audience on financial matters.

Martin’s influence extends beyond television. As a resident expert on ITV's ‘Good Morning Britain’ and ‘This Morning’, he has cemented his status as a trusted authority on financial issues. His efforts have also branched into podcasting, with ‘The Martin Lewis Podcast’ consistently ranking in the Apple top 50 UK podcast charts.

His commitment to financial education and consumer rights has led to significant achievements. In 2016, he founded the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute charity, demonstrating his dedication to addressing the intersection of financial issues and mental health. His campaigning efforts have yielded substantial results, including the recovery of over £10 billion for consumers in bank charges and PPI, and the incorporation of financial education into the national curriculum.

Recognised for his influence in politics and consumer rights, Martin was awarded a CBE in January 2022. His impact is acknowledged by prominent publications, with The Financial Times naming him ‘the most successful journalist in the world, ever’, and The Guardian calling him ‘the most trusted man in Britain’. Martin’s role in guiding the UK public through financial challenges, including the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, underscores his significant influence as a business influencer and advocate for consumer rights.

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