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Steven Hewitt stands as a towering figure in the realm of modern business influencers, with a narrative deeply intertwined with the success of Gymshark, an iconic brand in the fitness apparel industry. His journey with Gymshark commenced in 2014, not from within the company's initial fabric but as an external advisor. His strategic insights and leadership swiftly escalated him to the role of Managing Director by 2015, where he spearheaded Gymshark's transition from a burgeoning entity to a well-oiled corporate machine poised for global reach.

With a natural flair for leadership, Steven assumed the CEO mantle in 2017, orchestrating the brand's senior team to catalyse Gymshark's expansion on an international stage. The milestones under his guidance were remarkable, capturing the attention of worldwide markets and securing a coveted position in the exclusive club of British ‘unicorn’ companies, with a valuation surpassing £1 billion.

Steven’s capacity to nurture startups into global phenomena is further exemplified by Gymshark's presence in over 178 countries, a testament to his adeptness in scaling businesses. His tenure as CEO culminated in a strategic handover back to Gymshark's founder, Ben Francis, after which Steven transitioned to the role of Non-Executive Director, continuing to influence the company's trajectory from a vantage point of vast experience.

Beyond Gymshark, Steven’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish an advisory company, Whānau, and engage in pivotal roles in various other ventures, including Passenger Clothing and D.Louise, a jewellery brand, thereby broadening his impact within the consumer goods sector.

His previous roles as CEO of Sports Brands Group and Commercial Director for Reebok underscore his proficiency in elevating brands within the sports and apparel marketplace. This experience has been a cornerstone of his ability to drive consistent, impressive growth, particularly within the EMEA region.

Steven Hewitt's legacy as a business influencer is not only shaped by his strategic prowess but also by his dedication to cultivating environments that are purpose-driven and people-centric. He harnesses his competitive edge and extensive financial modelling skills to not only advance business scalability but also to inspire organisational and personal development, underscoring his significance as an influential leader in the business community.

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