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About Mary Portas...

Mary Portas stands as a quintessential authority and a transformative figure in the retail industry. With a career that spans from the shop floor of John Lewis to the luxurious aisles of Harvey Nichols, Mary's journey is a narrative of passion, innovation, and deep industry insight. As the founder of the renowned Portas Agency Ltd, formerly known as Yellowdoor, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the brand experiences for illustrious clients including Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, and Mercedes-Benz.

Her storied career has seen her at the helm of crafting iconic window displays for Harrods, earning her the prestigious D&AD Gold Award, and establishing her as a leading voice in retail design. The transition from designing visual feasts for shoppers to broadcasting consumer insights was seamless for Mary as she graced television screens with her expertise. She has hosted a plethora of BBC programs such as 'Mary Queen of the High Street' and 'Mary Portas: Secret Shopper', endearing herself to a broad audience fascinated by the complexities and transformations within retail spaces.

A prolific author, Mary has published titles such as 'Windows – the Art of Retail Display' and 'Work Like a Woman,' offering a treasure trove of knowledge gleaned from her expansive experience. Her books serve as masterclasses in retail and are emblematic of her status as a thought leader in the industry.

The gravitas of her expertise was acknowledged by the UK government when she was tasked by Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to envision the resurgence of British high streets. Mary's review became a cornerstone for understanding and revitalizing the retail landscape.

Mary's influence transcends her retail prowess; she is a vocal and inspiring advocate for the LGBT community. Celebrated for her advocacy and personal milestones, including being part of the first lesbian couple to marry under new UK legislation, she brings a personal and passionate narrative to every speaking engagement.

Those seeking to understand the evolving dynamics of consumer behaviour, the future of high streets, or the empowering vision of inclusive leadership in the workplace find in Mary Portas not just a speaker, but a catalyst for change and innovation. Her commitment to retail, culture, and community makes her an indispensable voice in discussions about the marketplace and beyond.

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