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Anton Danyluk made his mark on the luxurious Mallorca villa in the summer of 2019. Alongside being a proud Scot, the rising television star values his sense of humour and strong work ethic. Having become a self-made entrepreneur by owning a gym, Anton’s athletic build paired with his ambitious nature will without a doubt be a top attraction to many contestants as well as viewers who will watch the star grow throughout the show.

Being a driven fitness fanatic, he expresses his wish to meet with an Islander whose passions resonate with his own. Already having amassed several thousand followers throughout his social media channels, he often takes to Instagram to share his own fitness routines as well as sharing stories of fellow aspiring gym-goers who he has helped throughout their difficult journey to a healthier life. He claims that he loves to ‘encourage and motivate people’, a trait that enables him to strengthen his online presence as an emerging fitness influencer online. Throughout his social media, he engages in challenges with his fitness clients, in the form of 6-week programmes that result in a paid reward; he proudly documents the successes of his projects on Instagram, inspiring others to pursue the goals with similar ambition and drive.

Despite being known for his self-confessed ‘wandering eye’, Anton displays a down-to-earth and humble disposition when admitting his admiration for girls who aren’t materialistic. There is a lot to expect from this rising reality star and fitness influencer, as he takes life by the horns and pursues his dreams to the best of his ability.

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