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About Logan Paul...

Logan Paul is one of the biggest social media influencers in the world today. Having achieved significant success as a YouTube personality and actor, Logan has captured the hearts of millions of dedicated followers.

Much like his brother Jake - who has also achieved stardom as an internet celebrity - Logan originally made a name for himself on the video-sharing platform Vine. Achieving recognition as one of Vine's most influential content creators, his vlogs helped him to establish a vast and loyal fanbase. Before long, he had built up a follower count that numbered into the millions, achieving global fame in the process.

Having discovered his passion for content creation, Logan dropped out of his studies at the University of Ohio in order to focus on his career as an internet personality. The decision proved to be the right one, and his popularity continued to soar to new heights.

Logan is best-known for the content he posts on his YouTube channel, which includes short films, lifestyle vlogs, pranks, challenges, comedy sketches and various other types of content. His range of content has proven to be immensely popular; today, the channel's subscriber count stands at an astonishing 18.6 million subscribers.

Keen to further expand on his comedic abilities, Logan trained alongside several comedy troupes during the beginning of 2016. Furthermore, he also set to work on writing his very own screenplay, Airplane Mode, the release of which has been eagerly awaited by his fans. His digital television series Logan Paul VS. also attracted interest from numerous angles and was soon picked up by Comcast that same year.

Finding success in several areas, Logan has also enjoyed popularity as an amateur boxer. He famously took part in a boxing match against fellow YouTube personality KSI. Held at the Manchester Arena, the event attracted scores of fans eager to see their favourite internet personalities battle it out for the title.

As an actor, Logan featured in several well-known television series and films, including appearances in Weird Loners, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Space Between Us and The Thinning. In addition, he also became part of several advertisements and influencer marketing campaigns, collaborating with companies such as PepsiCo, HBO and Hanes.

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