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About The Vamps...

As one of Britain’s biggest boybands, The Vamps have created a huge international fanbase with their upbeat, fun, and radio-friendly music. The group consists of four boys: Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, James McVey and Brad Simpson. Together, they have hit the charts with singles such as Can We Dance and Last Night both hitting number two in the UK pop charts in 2014. Since their debut, the boys have been climbing the ladder to fame one song at a time.

It all began when the boys took to social media to showcase their talent for music. Using their own individual YouTube channels to both seek and express their passion for music, they eventually formed a group after finding each other online. After coming together, their lead single ‘Can We Dance’ made its debut on the platform and striked up to 2 million views within its first two weeks of being aired. Since then, their views on YouTube have totalled to over 800 million.

Having had their first two albums Meet The Vamps and Wake Up certified Gold in the UK, the band are on the right track for success and show a promising future within their musical career. Alongside their musical endeavours, some members have broadened their scopes and participated in further projects including reality TV. In 2018, guitarist James McVey participated in the reality television show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Aside from reality television, the band have been involved with contributing to soundtrack of films such as Kung Fu Panda with their cover of Kung Fu Fighting, as well as collaborating with an extensive list of artists. Some of these include Demi Lovato, Maggie Lindemann, Sigala and Machine Gun Kelly as well as Norweigan DJ Matoma and Danism EDM producer Martin Jensen.

They often use social media to promote their products or keep fans updated with any new and upcoming projects or music. They engage in collaborations with various magazines, such as Notion Magazine in allowing fans to enter meet and greet competitions. As their influence is global, brands, companies and magazines can find it advantageous to collaborate with the group in order to market promotional offers when wanting to target a wide, international demographic.

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