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Tuna is a Chihuahua-Dachshund crossbreed dog and is a well-known internet celebrity and meme. The distinct-looking pooch quickly rose to fame after his owners made him an Instagram account. The followers soon flooded in and Tuna rose to internet stardom.

Before entering into the world of fame and fortune, little Tuna didn’t have it so easy. He was abandoned by his original owner and was without a home. He then found himself at a farmers market, where eventually he was rescued and shown the love he deserves by Courtney Dasher.

Tuna is certainly a distinct little dog, with a pronounced overbite and recessed chin. Feeling confident that he was otherwise healthy, Courtney decided to use Tuna’s fame to raise awareness for animal rescue groups.

Courtney certainly didn’t intend on making Tuna an internet sensation. However, when photo-sharing platform Instagram used a photo of Tuna on their front page, his following increased dramatically and his life changed forever.

His distinct features resulted in him becoming an internet meme, further boosting his popularity and building his identity online. Now, Tuna has his own self-titled book, released in 2015, dedicated to telling the stories of his everyday life.

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