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About James Beardwell...

James Beardwell is a well-known health & fitness social media content creator who has amassed a large and loyal following over his multiple social media pages. Committed to helping people get into fitness, James provides tips, tricks and offers one-on-one training to make the gym seem less intimidating and help people adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Since starting training four years ago, James has released a complete training guide that offers fundamental advice to transform workouts making them effective as possible

As recognition for his hard work and dedication to gym-life, James became a GymShark athlete, which meant being sponsored and supported by one of the biggest brands in the industry.

Over on TikTok, James posts less serious content, including funny comedic skits in the gym with his friends as well as “relatable experience” clips, which often have his followers in stitches with laughter.

Alongside his friend Max Garner, James has released a clothing brand named “Kiray”. Inspired by the Japanese word “Kirei”, meaning beautiful, the brand provides sustainable graphic streetwear, which promotes an economical lifestyle, helping the planet by demonstrating sustainable practice.

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