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About Ella-Mae Rayner...

Ella-Mae Rayner is a dynamic social media influencer and upcoming star on the revitalised 'Gladiators' TV show, where she will take on the role of Comet. From a young age, Ella-Mae's athletic journey began in gymnastics, where she achieved notable success, competing at county, regional, and national levels. Her passion for sports did not wane even after she transitioned from gymnastics at the age of 13; she continued to engage deeply with the sports community through coaching.

Her prowess in athletics led her to explore diving, where she competed semi-professionally for six years. Ella-Mae's academic pursuits in sport and exercise science at the University of Birmingham further solidified her foundation in sports, graduating with commendable grades. During her university years, she not only competed but also coached the cheerleading team, honing her leadership and athletic skills.

Ella-Mae's transition to a social media influencer was fuelled by her diverse sporting background and her engaging personality. On her platforms, she shares her daily routines, training sessions, and motivational insights, connecting with a wide audience who are inspired by her dedication and resilience. Her content resonates particularly with those interested in fitness, sports, and personal growth.

Despite a career-threatening ankle injury, Ella-Mae's indomitable spirit saw her finding solace and strength in the gym, where she trains rigorously six times a week. She also works as a fitness model and coach, roles that allow her to inspire and guide others in their fitness journeys.

Talking about her role as Comet in Gladiators 2024, Ella-Mae expressed immense excitement, citing her childhood admiration for Jet, a former Gladiators icon, as a significant influence. She regards her new role as a dream come true, an opportunity to inspire the next generation just as she was inspired. Through her social media, Ella-Mae continues to keep her followers updated on her preparations for the show and her ongoing fitness endeavours, making her a beacon of motivation and resilience in the digital and physical arenas.

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