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With a combined online following that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, Chloe Madeley is widely recognised as a global fitness icon. Having first stepped into the public eye as the presenter of Big Brother's Big Mouth, Chloe has since achieved incredible success at the forefront of fitness and nutrition.

Best-known as the founder of FitnessFondue, Chloe has helped to motivate and inspire fitness enthusiasts over the world. Having transformed her own body as a result of her commitment to weightlifting, Chloe became determined to share her fitness and healthy living secrets with her audience. Since then, Fitness Fondue has grown into an immensely successful platform, helping an extensive online audience to achieve their fitness goals in an original and sustainable way.

Fiercely passionate about fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, Chloe has established her name among fitness influencers and nutritionists. Apart from achieving success as a model - taking part in photo shoots for the likes of FHM - she also established successful partnerships with a number of global brands, which include the likes of lingerie brand Ultimo.

Chloe's passion for fitness is the main inspiration for her prolific work as a writer. Over the past several years, she has written several books that combine fitness secrets with top dieting tips. She published The 4-Week Body Blitz: Transform Your Body Shape with My Complete Diet and Exercise Plan in 2017, providing her readers with insight into her very own fitness plan. Quickly becoming a bestselling author, she followed this up with her publication of the The Fat-Loss Blitz in 2018.

Eager to further develop her work as an influencer, Chloe has continued to enjoy success as a media personality. A familiar face in television broadcasting, Chloe has appeared in a wide array of notable programmes, including Celebrity Quitters and Dancing on Ice. Furthermore, she also made memorable appearances on the likes of Channel 4's The Jump and the BBC's Pointless Celebrities.

Having established herself in traditional media and new media alike, Chloe Madeley is a rare gem amongst fitness influencers. As such, she is an ideal choice for influencer marketing campaigns.

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