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About Jennie Jenkins...

Establishing herself as the ultimate online style queen, Jennie Jenkins dedicates her social media channels to sharing her fashion and beauty expertise with the world. Active on numerous platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, the popular beauty guru aims to expand her online presence throughout her online network of fans. To date, she has accumulated a total of over a million followers and continues to extend her influence across the online beauty realm.

Jennie’s work consists of providing makeup and hair tutorials, product reviews, fashion lookbooks, seasonal hauls and more. Thus, she has turned her YouTube channel into a fun space for discussing all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Prior to becoming a full-time social media influencer, the beauty guru completed a Psychology degree in University, but it wasn’t long until her passion for makeup artistry took over and she started to become one of the internet’s most skilled makeup professionals. Using her beauty know-how to provide honest recommendations on products for her dedicated following, she reviews some of the most popular items on the market such as the Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty collections. Aside from her typical tutorial and review videos, the popular influencer also takes part in morning routine vlogs; tackling viral online trending tag challenges like ASMR and conducting intimate Q&A sessions where she discusses the more personal aspects of her life.

Jennie’s success as an popular beauty influencer has lead many brands and businesses to collaborate with the talented makeup artist through sponsorships and long-term partnerships. Due to her interest in haircare and her popular hair tutorial videos, brands such as Julia Hair have been keen to work with Jennie as she takes to Instagram to promote their products and endorse their business. On top of this, she has worked with the likes of Too Faced, House of CB, Topshop and Fashion Nova through a series of sponsored posts throughout her Instagram page.

Aside from her social media and collaborative work, Jennie has taken the route towards entrepreneurship when launching her own ‘easy to use and highly pigmented’ eyeshadow palette collection. Passionate about her work, she claims:

‘I really wanted to bring back more awareness to the brand that have continued to fully represent women of colour and have stayed through to this vision as well as offering professional quality makeup and embodying a sense of elegance and luxury.’

Moreover, Jennie takes part in weekly giveaways for dedicated fans who get the chance to win a bundle of popular makeup products by consistently following and supporting the influencer. In this way, she creates interactive marketing methods that engage her followers and maintains their support throughout her commercial projects.

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