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About Amber Gill...

Since winning Love Island in 2019, Amber Gill has blossomed into a successful social media influencer, TV personality, Miss Pap ambassador, and author. Being native to the northern town of Newcastle, she already had friendly connections with former Love Islanders,Adam Collard andEllie Brown.

Amber was a large personality on Love Island, showing her feisty, outspoken nature whilst still being friendly, fun, and amicable. She became a favourite contestant amongst viewers and ended up winning the series with now ex, Greg O’Shea. 

Before entering the villa, Amber was a beauty therapist, but has since embraced the fame and amassed a large following on Instagram and TikTok.

She documents her luxurious lifestyle with her travels around the world and shows off her glamourous, jaw-dropping style. Her fashion influencing doesn’t stop there, with a collaboration with the popular retail brand Miss Pap – it was a reported £1m deal! 

On top of this, Amber shares skincare tips across her social media – she’s even collaborated with Ren Skincare and released her own product, ‘The Glow Tonic’. 

Amber also shares content about her fitness journey, with her own fitness line Amber Flexx that has different workout routines and diet plans, whilst promoting body positivity. 

Another career path that Amber has explored is writing, releasing her very own book, Until I Met You. The romance novel was released earlier this year and gives representation to the black community with leading black characters - which is something she wants to push for future novels. 

She has also been no stranger to appearing on our screens since leaving the famous villa, and has recently taken part in the gruelling challenge that is SAS: Who Dares Wins, giving a brave and honourable performance in one of the toughest TV challenges! 

Amber’s interests appear endless, and her ambition is hard to miss. The multi-talented Love Island star has thrived post-villa, and we will no doubt be seeing much more of Amber with a promising career journey ahead of her. 

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