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About Cheyanne Kerr...

Cheyanne Kerr is a model who is best known for her appearance as a bombshell contestant on the 2022 series of ITV2’s favourite reality TV show, Love Island. Entering the famous villa during the casa amor week, Cheyanne quickly became a fan favourite and has since amassed an incredible following across Instagram and TikTok.

Originally from Barnsley, Cheyanne worked as part of cabin crew before her stint in the famous villa. Now Cheyanne is focused on building her social media presence, with her Instagram feed being full of glamorous snaps, gym tips, tricks and updates as well as documenting her lavish lifestyle out in Dubai.

Over on TikTok, Cheyanne likes to take part in trends and her content is less serious. Cheyanne also likes to keep her TikTok followers up to date with her fitness journey as she posts and compilations and workouts.

Being a big fan of fashion, Cheyanne also posts a lot of ‘Try on Hauls’ from some of her favourite fashion brands, which she shares her favourite pieces with her followers.

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