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About Ben Francis...

Ben Francis, the Founder of Gymshark, has experienced an extraordinary journey over the past seven years, marked by global travels, remarkable encounters, and a front-row seat to the rapid ascent of Gymshark. Born in 1992 in the West Midlands, Ben grew up as an avid Aston Villa fan and attended South Bromsgrove High School before progressing to Aston University in Birmingham.

From a young age, Ben was passionate about football, but as he recognised his limitations in pursuing it professionally, he shifted his focus to computer-based projects. Although he struggled academically initially, his interest spiked at the age of 17 when he took an IT class that emphasised practical skills over theoretical knowledge. This shift in learning style proved transformative for Ben.

Parallel to his academic pursuits, Ben began frequenting a local gym. Despite initial intimidation, he gleaned basic gym techniques and structures from YouTubers like Scott Herman. The lessons of structure, consistency, and hard work learned in the gym became pivotal in his life, aiding him in improving his academic performance from Ds and Es at GCSEs to As and Bs at A-level.

Ben ingeniously combined his twin passions for computing and fitness by developing two fitness-based iPhone apps. Despite their simplicity, both apps, 'Fat Loss Abs Guide' and 'iPhysique', achieved remarkable success, featuring in the UK's top charts on the Apple App Store in 2011. This success was a pivotal moment for Ben, affirming the potential of merging his interests in technology and fitness.

The next step in Ben’s journey was creating a transactional website within the fitness industry. Initially considering supplements, he faced financial constraints but ingeniously adopted a drop shipping model. He populated the Gymshark website with a wide range of supplements, sourced from various vendors, and added a marginal profit. After six weeks of anticipation, the first sale materialised, and in July 2012, Gymshark was officially established.

Ben Francis's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and the seamless integration of personal passions with entrepreneurial ventures. His journey from a gym enthusiast to a tech-savvy entrepreneur exemplifies how dedication and innovative thinking can turn dreams into reality.

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