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About Dale Pinnock...

Dale Pinnock, with over 30 years in the nutrition field, exemplifies the fusion of extensive experience and passionate dedication in healthcare. His journey began with a personal struggle against acne during his adolescence, which led him to discover the transformative power of nutrition. This experience ignited a lifelong passion for nutritional studies, prompting Dale to pursue extensive education in the field. He holds a BSc in Human Nutrition, another BSc in Herbal Medicine, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.

Dale's dedication to education is unwavering. He has read over a thousand books on nutrition and experimented with various diets, using himself as a guinea pig. This in-depth exploration not only helped him overcome his skin issues but also dramatically improved his overall wellbeing. This personal transformation fuelled his desire to educate others about the significant impact of nutrition on health.

As an accomplished author, Dale has written 20 books, including seven Sunday Times bestsellers. His work has been translated into 23 languages, and he has received recognition for his contribution to healthy eating. His books provide readers with accessible and practical guidance on using nutrition to improve health.

Beyond writing, Dale is a respected spokesperson in the British media, regularly appearing on TV shows like 'This Morning', 'Good Morning Britain', and co-presenting ITV's 'Eat Shop Save'. His expertise is also sought after on radio shows, where he shares his knowledge of nutritional medicine.

Dale's journey from a teenager grappling with acne to a renowned nutrition expert is a testament to his dedication and commitment. By turning his personal challenges into a professional pursuit, Dale Pinnock has become a significant influence in the field of nutritional healthcare. His work, deeply rooted in personal experience and extensive study, offers invaluable insights into the role of nutrition in achieving and maintaining good health.

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